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Choosing the best web design platform is crucial for the future of your online presence. In this video, I am going to help you determine if Wix is a good website platform. Going into 2018, I thought it was important to show potential new users why Wix is amazing is what they do.

When choosing a website platform, you should break your thought process into 5 main categories.

1. Functionality:
-Intuitive Editor
-Complete Freedom
-New Wix Code

2. Cost:
-Various Premium Plans
-If you work with us, you get a 50% off hosting coupon

3. Community:
-Community groups
-Community YouTube channel
-You can join my Wix family (email list and forum)

4. Support:
-Does lack some access to great phone support
-Makes it up with a huge help center
-Access to Wix Design Experts, like myself and others

5. Ease Of Use:
-Drag and Drop Editor
-Intuitive Dashboard
-Tons of tutorials (My Channel and the Wix Community Channel)

Overall: Will this platform help me achieve my desired results in a timely manner?

My answer: Absolutely! Choose Wix.
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