With all the technology changes, do you know which trends are good for your business’s website? Now websites are not just focused on user-experience but faster downloads for SEO (search engine optimization) rankings. How do you adapt your business in the coming year to keep up with the fast super highway.

03:32 Trend #1: Typography
03:45 Trend #2: Font
14:16 Trend #3: Color
25:24 Trend #4: Unusual or irregular Grid Layout
28:50 Trend #5: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGS)
33:22 Mobile Priority
34:19 Security – SSL Required by Google
36:36 Side Not: Internet of Things
41:31 Conclusion

In this video, Elizabeth Varian, the founder of Webmaster For Hire, lays out the top 5 website design trends that are either shifting or sticking around for websites during 2018. She explains the changes in typography, how to use color, pattern and textures are helping to grab attention effectively, what card designs are (and how best to use them), new grid layouts that designers are getting excited over, images are getting served up in a better way (hint, hint SVG), what is Google’s latest requirement (Security), and, finally, should you focus on Internet of Things.

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