Here is the part of my site that really counts; that is, just how much I charge.  The below table displays my designing and hosting rates for basic small office and medium sized business sites.  I do not create and host sites that require databases and major interactive forms.  I cater to those business owners who desire a pleasant appearing and informative site and who will know it will be maintained and updated within 24 hours of any request.  If your business is in the New York City area and hosts events, I personally arrive to take digital photos to be added to your site. So, in a nutshell, here they are my rates:

My Rates and Charges

Business Sites $300 (Up to 3 pages; $100 per page thereafter)
Personal Home Page $75 for 3 page site with everything.
Discounts For law enforcement and motorcycle enthusiasts.  Call for rates.
Hosting $20 per month for business sites; $10 per month for home pages.  Hosting billed quarterly.  Mailbox, optional email forwarding and aliasing for either.  One-time $25 set up fee for domain names.Desire a domain name?  I will happily arrange it for you for NO CHARGE.  You will be billed directly by the domain assigner for $70 for 2 year ownership of the domain and $35 annually thereafter.
Updates $30 per hour billed in 30 minute increments.  NO CHARGE for minor updates such as email address changes, calendar updates, etc.
Payment Personal or certified check; money order.