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Top 5 Web Design Mistakes | Design Mistakes I Have Made A Lot

In today’s video I talk about the top five most common mistakes made when designing a website.Remember to Subscribe

Designing websites is hard, and takes a lot of practice to get it right. If you’re anything like me you’ve made plenty of mistakes while designing websites. I think it’s important to Point out common mistakes so we can transition those mistakes into success. In the video I talk about common mistakes, show examples of what I’m talking about, and propose some remedies for those mistakes.

Top five web design mistakes:
1. Poor readability and legibility
2. Messy content layout
3. Bad navigation
4. Inconsistent Design
5. Too many animations

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Your Brand Wardrobe Explained pt 2

Sometimes your services should be branded to better fit their end result. It’s like taking your brand to the gym. You’d need a different type of clothing. Similar style. Just different functionality.

Find out when this might be necessary for your own business.

Branding your Business, Website Design Tips

Much Love, Katherine


Case Study | Effective Website Design Tips For Hospitality Businesses

Follow along as I analyse and compare the design cues featured on the websites of two Prince Edward County Motels to demonstrate the most effective website design tips for hospitality businesses.

Read The Full Post (with transcript) on The Spring Collective Blog:

Want More FREE effective website design tips? Check out my video course The Branding Fix. Together, we’ll audit your existing small business branding, and come up with any tweaks or fresh branding ideas your business needs to attract more of the right customers… And make more sales.

Finding a good website color scheme

Treehouse, free trial (affiliate link)

This is the tool I use to come up with color schemes for my websites. It’s a free tool called Adobe Color CC

My learning journey

13 Marketing Tips For Web Developers in 2017

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Web Design Tutorial, How To Make A Website For Awesome Band using the Divi theme

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a website for a band. This is a web design tutorial for the Divi theme. Check out Divi for yourself (affiliate link)

Tools and Website used in this video:

Divi Theme (affiliate link:

CSS Code to create a full window height section:

Even more information about window and viewport settings:

Fun with Viewport Units

CSS Code Gradient Generator:

Get images to use on your website:

For making album covers or any kind of graphic layouts easily.

How to re-style the count down module:

How to Style Divi’s Countdown Timer Module with Simple Elegance

How to stack items or make items look like one is behind another using z-index:

Skip ahead to the website design tips that you want:

Create a full height section: 7:14

Add a video background 23:17

The Biography section with items placed behind other items using css: 29:17

In this web design tutorial and divi theme tutorial I’ll walk you thru how to create a band website.

I tried to incorporate some fun elements into the design that you could apply to any kind of website.