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A quick chat about how I price my web design projects. Hopefully it helps any newcomers to the business.

Why Choose Wix 2018? Best Web Design Platform 2018 That Generates Results

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Choosing the best web design platform is crucial for the future of your online presence. In this video, I am going to help you determine if Wix is a good website platform. Going into 2018, I thought it was important to show potential new users why Wix is amazing is what they do.

When choosing a website platform, you should break your thought process into 5 main categories.

1. Functionality:
-Intuitive Editor
-Complete Freedom
-New Wix Code

2. Cost:
-Various Premium Plans
-If you work with us, you get a 50% off hosting coupon

3. Community:
-Community groups
-Community YouTube channel
-You can join my Wix family (email list and forum)

4. Support:
-Does lack some access to great phone support
-Makes it up with a huge help center
-Access to Wix Design Experts, like myself and others

5. Ease Of Use:
-Drag and Drop Editor
-Intuitive Dashboard
-Tons of tutorials (My Channel and the Wix Community Channel)

Overall: Will this platform help me achieve my desired results in a timely manner?

My answer: Absolutely! Choose Wix.
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Learn how to design website in Adobe Illustrator: UI & Web Design template with Great UI Design

Learn how to design website in Adobe Illustrator: UI & Web Design template with Great UI Design

We are always try design best UI design for website template so you can use a lot tool for website but now I use adobe illustrator cc 2018 to design a web page plus with tip design too about UI and UX for website because I’m start design from zero to finish website Home page and find concept website for business too next we are thinking about responsive website too it really important for user now a day have user a lot use mobile phone so if client don’t have money or want save time they can develop only website but have responsive or design for mobile site it ok and support too with google.

UI Website Food Home page Part 1 UI & Web design for beginners

Design UI Website Construction page Contact Us with Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 | Best UI design 2017

Design UI Website Construction Home page with Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 and Best UI design 2017

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Website Making Tips

1)table tag
2)div tag
3)span tag
4)Inline CSS
5)Internal CSS
6)External CSS
8)Registration Form
9)Sign in Form
10)Website Structure

Mobile Website Design Tips: 4 Must-Have Features | Mobile Home Design Ideas

Mobile Site Design Is Not The Same As Desktop Computer Design

While some people can design and build websites, the fact is that designing a mobile website is very different. There are differences to how the web is being accessed, the small screen size of a phone and the situation of the customer. These include the following:

-a mobile phone is the most personal communication device anyone owns. And, the device has limitations compared to your desktop computer.
-the customer’s situation is one where he/she is on the road. There is no time for leisurely browsing of the web like at home. A person on the move, is looking for specific information that is pertinent to his immediate needs.

Given these differences, here are the four must have elements in mobile website design.

1. Call to contact button.
When your customers are on the phone, they need to get relevant information as quickly and as easily as possible. Probably the first thing they want is a way to contact you now. If they are on the go, they may not have an easy job to write down or memorize your phone number. Instead, it is smarter to have a call to contact button on your site.

For example, if you are a pizza restaurant, you want this call button on the home page. If you are a dentist, post this button on the home page. Make this feature prominent and easy to find.

2. Map
A Google Map is always critical when someone is trying to visit your business. They may read an address on your site, but it is a much quicker read if they know where you are in relationship to a cross street or an area that is recognizable to your customer. Think customer needs first when you are designing your mobile site.

3. Driving Directions
It sounds obvious but many businesses forget to make it simple for customers to get driving directions on the site. You don’t want your customers to have to leave your website to get driving directions. It can be done right there, right now.

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11 Simple Web Design Tips For You

The digital world needs a high quality of custom web design. Hence, you need to find a web development company that makes design as their culture. If you want a partner to grow your business, look no further than Proweaver, Inc. Watch this video now and visit us at for more info.

9 Best Web Design Trends for 2018

in this video you will see cutting edge and best web design trends for 2018. There are some points you have to follow and some points that you need to avoid in 2018.
2017 saw many new features, such as mobile usage increased a lot. It mean in 2018 we have to focus on mobile friendly web designs.