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Here are tips for designing a small business website from two media professionals in Lawrence, Kansas. In this episode we discuss how to write an “About Us” section of a website (or “Meet the Team” page). Keely Waller of KG Consulting Group does website and graphic design for local businesses. Matt DeSarle of Matty D. Media also works with small businesses, producing videos for digital marketing.

Website Design for Small Business Tips | Part 2 of Periscope | SEO

Keely Waller of KG Consulting Group in Lawrence Kansas gives tips on how to design a website for small business. Matt DeSarle of the video production service, Matty D. Media LLC, is a client of Keely’s. Matty D. Media launched its website with a live chat on Periscope with tips for digital marketing.

What Are the Most Important Components of Internet Marketing?

internet marketing

Every business out there that wants to succeed needs a comprehensive and effective internet marketing strategy. Building online presence is obviously the main idea behind investing in social media, search engine optimization, and the like. With presence over the web, any kind of business, regardless of the products being sold or the services being offered, will have a two-fold or three-fold increase in exposure and market reach.

However, the one thing a small or medium-sized business like yours must understand is that not every online marketing endeavor guarantees success. There have been so many cases in which businesses and their managers failed miserably, leading to not just loss of profit but also capital. Now if you don’t want to fail in your bid to build presence online and get more prospective customers in the process, you have to learn what the ideal components of an internet marketing strategy are.

1 – Web Design

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Every single internet marketing strategy needs to start with web design. We bet you already know by now that creating a website where you showcase your business is the one thing you can’t do without. But it’s not just about creating anything that’s offered for free online. We’re not saying they’re not good enough, it’s just that you will have to invest a lot in your money site for it to look very professional, business-oriented, user-friendly, and convenient to navigate. And in the past couple of years, website design has changed focus, this time, emphasizing the importance of integrating mobile device compatibility and responsiveness. The reason for this is because more and more people are now browsing the web using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

2 – Blog

In any marketing campaign, content is king. No matter how advanced the internet has become that everything can now be showcased in all kinds of multimedia, the fact remains that people still want to read. This is where the importance of creating and maintaining a blog comes in. As a matter of fact, businesses that have a blog will get about fifty percent more visitors. Therefore, create an integrated blog as well as several ones from the most popular blogging platforms.

3 – SEO

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. The reason why every business wanting to establish online presence needs to embrace this strategy is because majority of those potential customers and clients who browse the web will use the search engines to look for anything they want. Supposed you’re selling flip-flops or customized piggy banks online, you want to be on top or at least in the first page of search engines like Google when a potential customer types in “flip-flop” or “piggy bank” in the search box.

4 – Email Marketing

Since everyone who uses the web is assumed to have an email account they use for communication, it means you also should integrate email marketing in your online marketing strategy. Although many consider it as no longer as effective as other new and recent strategies, the one thing unique about email marketing is that you will be able to communicate directly with your clients. You get to provide them information in such a way that it is within their prerogative to read it or not. For the most part, they will realize that they actually are interested in what you’re offering them.

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5 – Social Media

Last but definitely not the least is social media presence. In the most recent internet marketing trends, it just makes zero sense at all not to include social media in any online marketing strategy. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the places where people spend most of their time when they’re online. This reason alone will make you realize that social media is the best way to reach out to a targeted audience.


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