Hello. My name is Don and I am a free-lance web designer and hoster of Internet web sites. Over the course of several years I learned to put my design skills to use by showing how small businesses could have quality web sites with which to enhance their business to current and new customers alike.

I live in Goshen, NY a nice suburb just North of New York City which has the highest percentage of personal computers per person in America! High technology is here to stay and it allows me to stay abreast of the latest web techniques for small businesses.

I create my clients’ sites with a Pentium processor PC, Umax scanner, and Minolta digital camera. Their sites are hosted on a very reliable and fast server in NYC. I use various software to formulate a web site that you can be proud of. But even with the latest and fastest hardware and software available – like building a home – the design and quality of the finished product is what really counts. That is the principle I hold in designing sites for my clients.