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– Thrive Themes Features

As mentioned in this Thrive Themes review, what’s unique about Thrive Themes is the fact that it is geared towards helping businesses and bloggers improve their conversion rate. This means, you can get a better chance of increasing your customer base, which positively impacts your bottom line. After all, what good is it to have a catchy website when it barely draws enough people in to become customers?

Thus, the creator of Thrive Themes had this important purpose in mind during the design and development phases of the website builder with Thrive Themes. This has led to the creation of an intuitive, easy-to-use and fail-proof site builder that appeals to anyone who wants to have professional-looking website – even if they have zero tech skills or experience.

What makes Thrive Themes popular among users is the selection of built-in components that are essential in an effective website. So, you can have everything you require in a website builder without the hassles in loading numerous plugins.

Among these built-in features is the image optimizer that improves load time by minimizing the size of the image, icon library, opt-in forms, related posts, social sharing, and available Google fonts. Loading time is something that can make or break your website, which is why there are many plugins available for image compression, but Thrive Themes takes care of that from the inside, making all of their themes the fastest themes anywhere without having to do anything to them.

Furthermore, Thrive Themes are mobile-ready, so your website will look great whether your users view it on their laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet.

And, you can customize the themes to your brand or needs with over 600 fonts, customer colors for different page elements, and different header layouts to choose from.

2. Lead Generation

Just like other WordPress themes, you can choose from various themes for your website that will improve your customer base. Thrive Themes feature landing or lead generation pages that you need for your business website or blog. These pages include email confirmation, video sales, sales, landing and thank you pages. By incorporating these important pages to your website or blog, you can connect more to your customers and educate them even better about what you are trying to sell or feature.

For instance, having videos on your website gives visitors a clearer understanding of your products or services. These will also help establish trust as users realize that there is an actual person behind the business presented to them.

3. Exceptional Themes

There are several themes available to website builders, and these all help increase conversion rates, traffic and generate sales. Most importantly, these themes have been created to load fast, which is what users look for in websites or blogs. Nobody wants to spend more than a few seconds on a website nowadays, and if your site is taking too long to load, you could be losing a ton of visitors that had the potential to turn into customers.

The quick loading is made possible by the lightweight and simplified codes that ensure the themes’ responsiveness and lightning fast loading time. Since these themes are optimized for search engines, you can expect these to be readable, attractive and modern-looking at the same time. What’s more, these SEO-friendly themes increase traffic to your posts, which translates to higher returns on your investment.